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DICK WELLSTOOD (Was an American jazz pianist. Birth name: Richard MacQueen Wellstood.)

«Live in Concert».

«Live at Café  des Copains».

«More Boogie Woogie Blues».

«Stride Piano Solos».

DOÑA OXFORD (American actor, composer, singer, musician, lyricist, producer & director.

«NAMM Shopw 2019».

«@ the Riverfront Blues Festival 2013».

«Boogie Woogie as explained by Doña Oxford»


DOROTHY DONEGAN (1922-1998) American pianist.

«Jazz History » The greatest pianist you've ever heard.

«Hallelujah Boogie Woogie».

«Rhaosody in Blue/The Man I Love».

«The incredible Dorothy Donegan».

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FATS DOMINO (1928-2017) American R&B pianist and singer who recorded some boogie pieces in the 1950s.  

«Ain't that a shame» (1956).                                      

«I'm Walking» (2010).

Austin City Limits  (1986): «Blueberry Hill».              

At the Unviversal Amphitheatre, Washington/DC: «The Fat Man» 2012-08-26

Austin City Limits  (1986): «Swane River Boogie».

Live from Austin/TX: «I'm Walking to New Orleans»

... with D. Bartholomew «Austin City Limits  (1986): «Jambalaya».

«My Girl Josephine»

FATS WALLER (1904-1943 od.44) Was an American pianist, organist, composer, and singer.

«Honeysuckle Rose».


«I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter».

«I've got my fingers crosswed».

«Ain't Misbehavin' - Stormy Weather».


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GEORGE WASHINGTON THOMAS (1883-1937) American pianist and songwriter.

Piano roll ca. 1020 «New Orleans Hop Scop Blues»

«The Rocks».

«That Rat-Proof Rag» (New Orleans 1919, from vintage piano rolls.)

«Tat Bullfrog Rag» (New Orleans 1917, from vintage piano rolls.)

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HERSAL THOMAS (c. 1909-1926) american pianist and composer.)

«Suitcase Blues».

«Hersal's Blues».

... with Hociel Thomas: «Fish Tail Dance».

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