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Vira Lozinsky

Vira Lozinsky (born 1974) is an Israeli-Moldovan musician and Yiddish language singer.


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Vira Lozinsky was born in 1974 in Bălți, Moldova (Bessarabia) to a family of Jewish artists. As a child, Vira studied music and played the violin at the city music school. She participated in the local Yiddish theater led by her father Mikhoel Felsenbaum.


She was exposed at an early age to the cultures and musical styles of the many ethnic groups living in Moldova: Moldovans, Romanians, Jews, Roma, Russians and others. Her repertoire includes new material written mainly by her father, Mikhoel Felsenbaum, as well as classical Yiddish folk songs, Romanian folk songs translated to Yiddish, songs of classical and modern Yiddish poets.


After immigrating to Israel at age 16, she pursued Yiddish and Musicology studies in Bar Ilan University, and vocal studies in the Rimon School of Jazz and Contemporary Music in Ramat HaSharon. For several years was a student of Nechama Lifshitz's Yiddish song workshop.

Vira Lozinsky has toured several countries and participated in klezmer events in Israel, Europe, and the Americas.



●Grand Prize: International Jewish Music Competition in Amsterdam - 2012


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