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The Sound of Klezmer

The Sound of Klezmer is a musical group that includes the soloist Maxim Solniker (clarinet), Omri Rivlin (accordion), Amir Kovalski (keyboards), and Nir Segal (drums).


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This klezmer band plays a purely Jewish soul music and it continues a long Tradition of this great spiritual music. The main musical instruments Clarinet and accordion are authentic instruments and the dialogue between them repaints the classical songs and dances which we all know and love.


About the band

The band plays in ceremonies, celebrations and festivals across the country and the World. The main lineup of the full band including all of the four, is recommended for halls of over 100 people which includs amplification equipmen and lighting.

It is also possible to book a show with three players without a drummer or two musicians (clarinet and accordion) that can be more mobile and play without amplification in halls and open spaces.


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