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Kruzenshtern & Parohod

Kruzenshtern & Parohod (Russian: Крузенштерн и Пароход) is a Russophone Israel klezmer-rock band from Tel Aviv.


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The band was formed in 2002. Its style was branded "experimental jazz", "klezmercore" (a pun on "hardcore"), "ethno jazz", "avant-garde".


The band members were Igor Krutogolov: bass, voice, Ruslan Gross: clarinet, Guy Shechter: drums, Boris Martzinovsky: accordion.


The name of the band is a pun recognizable by all post-Soviet Russophones. It is based on the fictional steamship "Admiral Ivan Fyodorovich Kruzenshtern" from the Prostokvashino animated film series, which is often as part of a catch phrase "Admiral I.F.Kruzenshtern, a man and a steamship", "pirated" from the title of a requiem poem by Vladimir Mayakovsky, To Comrade Nette, a Man and a Steamship.

The fictional steamship is named after a Russian admiral and explorer Adam Johann von Krusenstern and the real sailing ship, the Kruzenshtern.


Parohod means "steamboat" in Russian.


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