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Daniel Ahaviel

Daniel Ahaviel was born in London, UK in 1963. Already as a child he discovered his love for the emotional sounds of the violin. Over the years, Daniel has performed at concerts and music festivals around the world, releasing the albums “VeAhavta”, “King’s Clothes”, an album recorded at the London Klezmer Festival “Live In London”, “You are the Heart of the World” and his new album “Alive  and kicking”. His unique playing and undeniable control of every aspect of his instrument brought him to the forefront of the stage at the best shows in the Jewish world and to collaborations with the greatest Jewish singers.


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The soundtrack of my life - My story

My childhood years: I was born and raised in London

I fell in love with music when my older brother, who was mentally handicapped, was sent for music therapy. I came to those lessons with him and could not help but be fascinated by the healing power of music. Already at the age of 8 I started studying at a music school in London. There I was exposed to different sounds, techniques and musical instruments. I participated in choir, chamber music and youth orchestra. I also studied piano and percussion. But most of all I was captivated by the special sounds of the violin.

The early years: Musical youth

At the age of 12 I moved to another music school where I also focused on piano studies. At the age of 18 I studied for a bachelor’s degree at York University in the UK with a specialization in ethnic music, electronic music and improvisation. After graduation I was already playing with different bands and started engaging in music for a living.

I'm a Jew: The story of Rabbi Nachman

As a member of a Jewish family that did not keep Torah and mitzvos at all, I had never been particularly interested in my Jewish roots. Following the reading of stories about Rabbi Nachman of Breslev and the Baal Shem Tov, a fascinating, spiritual and intriguing Jewish and Chassidic world was revealed to me. I decided to move to live near the Golders Green neighborhood in London in order to get closer to religious Jews.

The Holy Land: New Immigrant from England

In 1987, I decided to come to Israel for three months, during part of which time I lived in a locality in the north and volunteered in an organic farming community and traveled around the country, especially to Safed, Rosh Pina, Jerusalem and the Negev. When I returned to England I felt an immense spiritual emptiness, and two months later, on the eve of Passover, I returned to settle in Israel.

Family: Living the Jewish dream

After about a year I married Sigal and we lived in Mitzpe Ramon, where I taught music at a school of Art and a Conservatory. Over the years, Sigal and I became Breslev Hassidim and moved to Kiryat Ye'arim. We are happy parents to both children and grandchildren.

Today: The violin and me

Today the violin and I perform in different ensembles, with different artists, performing at concerts and music festivals around the world. My music accompanies all the landmarks of my life.


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