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Mountain Faith

Since the year 2000, The Mountain Faith Band has performed their unique brand of Americana / Roots music to audiences from coast to coast at Fairs, Festivals, Colleges, Universities, Performing Arts Centers, Corporate Events, and Churches.


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When their tour schedule allows, you may find the band performing a prepared program to promote literacy and character education at elementary and high schools along their route. Visiting hospitals to bring joy and entertainment to those who could use a lift is something MFB loves to do.

Getting to know MFB is easy; their humility, kindness and love of community shines through on stage and casual conversation. Above all else, MFB is thankful for the opportunities God has provided them through music.


Tour: Averaging 148 concerts per year, the 2015 highlight was performing for over 3,000 military men and women at Al Udeid AFB, Doha Qatar. Thus far in 2016 MFB has shared the stage with legends Willie Nelson, Charlie Daniels, and Loretta Lynn to name a few. September 16, 2016 lights up THE GRAND OLE OPRY stage with the debut of The Mountain Faith Band. MFB has performed the National Anthem for the Atlanta Falcons, Carolina Panthers, Atlanta Braves, SF 49ers, plus halftime shows for The Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers.


Music: Four Albums, the latest ~ “That Which Matters” debuted #1 on Billboard Americana-Roots Charts. MFB has celebrated multiple #1 songs over their career.


Awards: MFB has been nominated “EmergingArtistOfTheYear”,2016 by the IBMA. Summer McMahan (Vocalist for MFB) was the 2015 “Momentum Vocalist Of The Year” presented by IBMA.



TV: With the support of millions, MFB advanced to the 2015 semifinals of America’s Got Talent and has since accumulated over 36,000 FaceBook Friends. TV and radio appearances have been plentiful this year.

“I’m thankful to have been raised in a Christian home,” Sam says, “and it’s been a blessing to pass on a love of God and a passion for music to my children, Summer and Brayden.” In 2000, he began traveling with his children and nephew, nurturing their musical talents while he reconnected with the bass. Sam’s mastery of the bass has earned him a nomination from SPBGMA.

When not on the road or running the tire shop with his brother, Sam hosts bluegrass festivals on his farm – donating the proceeds to local charities.




When Cory joined Mountain Faith in late 2014, he became the newest and youngest member of the band. Already a veteran bluegrass musician, Cory has played with The Kenny & Amanda Smith Band, the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, and released a solo album entitled Daydream. Like the rest of Mountain Faith, he is an SPBGMA nominated musician.

The young mandolinist – who has been playing more than half his life – puts it simply, “It’s been a blessing to be part of Mountain Faith.”

“I can’t imagine life without music,” Summer says. And it’s easy to see why: she started playing fiddle when she was just six years old, and began traveling with her father, brother, and cousin when she was eight. Musical influences like Alison Krauss, Lee Ann Womack, and Sonya Issacs are immediately evident when she performs, and her vocal, instrumental, and songwriting talents have been recognized by the SPBGMA. “I am so blessed to have traveled the country playing the music I love.”

Currently a junior at Western Carolina University in Cullowhee, NC, Summer is pursuing a degree in Business and Entrepreneurship. She recently completed a country music solo project.

Growing up in a musical family, he has been around many forms of music from day one. While he began playing as early as grade school, he has honed his drumming skills since the early 90s. From orchestra and marching band settings to local venues and churches and then larger venues and rotating location schedules, his musical background covers many genres and includes both live and recording expertise.

Faith is central in Brayden’s life. “I’m so grateful to have been raised in the church – to know that Jesus Christ is my lord and savior,” he says. “Playing in churches across the country with my family has been a special experience.”

Barely a year younger than his sister, Brayden and Summer have always been close. “We do everything together,” he says. Like his sister, Brayden is an accomplished musician: he was nominated by SPBGMA for banjo player of the year.

Brayden is attending a local community college as a transfer student and intends to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering


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