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Calvin Russell                                                   1.11.1948-3.4.2011

Calvin Russell (born Calvert Russell Kosler, November 1, 1948 - April 3, 2011) was an American blues and roots rock singer-songwriter and guitarist.


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Early life and career

Russell was born in Austin, Texas, on November 1, 1948. At age 12, Russell began learning guitar and at 13 joined a band called "The Cavemen". In 1989, he met Patrick Mathe of the French record label, New Rose Records, while at a party in Austin and gave him a demo tape intended for noted Austin guitarist and producer, Charlie Sexton. He would go on to sign with the label releasing his first solo album in 1990 entitled "A Crack In Time". In promotion of the album, Russell began touring extensively throughout Europe achieving a level of success he had yet to obtain back in the United States.


Russell would go on to release over a dozen albums on various labels. Throughout his career, he battled with drug and alcohol addiction and was arrested in Texas for cocaine possession in 1995.

Illness and death

On April 3, 2011, Russell died in Garfield, Texas, after a lengthy battle with liver cancer at the age of 62.

He is survived by Swiss-born wife, Cynthia, who continues to live in Central Texas and son, Justin.


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