Jimin Park

Jimindorothy (Jimin Park) is a jazz pianist, composer, and is also a content creator  who currently has about 140,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.  


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She received a full scholarship from Berkeley College of Music in Boston, and completed her undergraduate degree in Performance,  and won 2nd place in the 'World Championship Old-Time Piano Playing Contest' hosted in Mississippi in 2017. 

After graduating, she worked as a 'Stowaway Pianist' entertainer at the Royal Caribbean Cruise Company in the United States in 2019.


After various active performances from the United States, she returned to South Korea and  continues her works by creating jazz piano content through her youtube channel. 

Recently, in 2021, she published a book called; 30 Days, My New Pastime: Jazz Piano. She started with ragtime at first but then studied the history and flow of jazz in-depth, including swing, bebop, and modern style of jazz which are naturally incorporated into her music later. In particular, through her analysis of various jazz artists’ styles from many different eras, she helped many jazz learners to approach jazz music easily. Furthermore, she continues to express her art by integrating the blend of genres she has acquired from her music career. 


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