Jean-Pierre Bertrand

Jean-Pierre Bertrand , born on August 22 , 1955in Saint-Germain-en-Laye , is considered by the media and the public as one of the best boogie-woogie pianists in France. He devoted himself from the age of 14 to learning this style by listening to pianists such as Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Sammy Price, Memphis Slim, Lloyd Glenn or Meade Lux Lewis.

He recorded since 1989, 10 albums in solo piano or orchestra.


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Jean-Pierre Bertrand performs in jazz clubs, festivals, and during private or public concerts. He participates in many events for prestigious companies and has many references in this field.

Present in jazz festivals, he notably played in 1997 at the Cincinnati Blues Festival (USA), in 1998 in Detroit during a concert devoted to Classical Jazz piano and at the Hanover Jazz Festival (Germany) and The Hague (Holland) .

In 2000, he played at the North Pole on the ice floe, in Taiwan for Hermès-Paris in particular and multiplies the occasions which allow blues and boogie-woogie to make their musical contribution in exceptional sites.

He performed on stage in a piano duo with Ray Bryant , Bob Seeley , Axel Zwingenberger , Little Willie Littlefield and regularly with the eminent French pianist: Jean-Paul Amouroux (picture below).

Jean-Pierre Bertrand performs as a solo piano, in a duo, trio or orchestra of 5 to 8 musicians and has designed a concert entitled "Boogie Story" during which he presents the history of boogiewoogie to the public in French or in English. Thus each piece is enhanced with comments on its origins, its composer and all the anecdotes with which jazz music abounds.

He is a promoter of Jazz, dynamic and passionate who travels in Europe and around the world to reconcile his passion for the piano and that of transmitting harmony


Organizer and producer of the "Nuits Jazz et Boogie piano" in Paris and the "Beaune Blues Boogie Festival" in Burgundy, international festivals that bring together each year in Paris (since 1989 at the Hôtel Lutétia, at the Carrousel du Louvre, Salle Wagram, des Etoiles...) and in Beaune - 1st edition in December 06 - the world's best pianists of this genre, he is also a creator of events for companies and individuals.


He is also a Burgundian resident in Beaune and belongs to the "Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin". He is interested in the close relationship between wine and music and is passionate about gastronomy and tableware.


Restaurant owner by profession (Paris Promo 74 and Toulouse Promo 76 hotel schools) Jean-Pierre Bertrand was the owner of the restaurant-jazz-club "La Table d'harmonie" from 84 to 90 in Paris-Saint-Germain. From one piano to another! He received many jazzmen there: Memphis Slim , Claude Luter , Benny Waters , François Rilhac , Axel Zwingenberger and many others.


He is at the origin of the "revival" of boogie-woogie in France, contributing very largely to its promotion, in particular by making known the current generation of boogie-woogie and blues pianists from all over the world.


His style is based on the improvisation of Blues and Boogie woogie and the resumption of Jazz standards which he adapts in a very personal way without ever losing the swing, common thread of this music. His velocity and the acoustic qualities of his piano playing reside in particular in his solid tempo, a deep knowledge of the difficult technique of this specialty that is Boogie-Woogie and a fertile creativity in improvisation.


His musical influences are marked by the playing of pianist Albert Ammons with characteristic tremolos and intense pulsation as well as Memphis Slim , Pete Johnson , Sammy Price or Lloyd Glenn . 


His repertoire consists of many boogie classics like Yancey Special, Honky Tonk Train Blues, Boogie-Woogie Stomp, Chicago Breakdown, Pinetop's Boogie , etc. as well as New Orleans or traditional jazz themes like Swanee River Boogie, All of me, The Sheik of Araby, Margie or My Blue Heaven ... The list is not exhaustive!


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