Jean-Paul Amouroux

Jean-Paul Amouroux is part of the restricted circle of pianists of boogie woogie, frenzied jazz to which he has devoted himself since he discovered it as a teenager.


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He was eleven years old when, on the occasion of musical studies, he discovered Paris, where he settled in 1966.


He had the chance to record with black Americans who invented the Boogie: Milt Buckner, Memphis Slim.


Jean-Paul Amouroux explains the BOOGIE-WOOGIE to us: The boogie is a way of playing the blues on the piano. It is the first style of jazz, born before ragtime, very African in spirit. The left hand creates a haunting and repetitive roll. The right of the ""riffs"", short sentences intended to raise the tension. The right hand plays in feigned ignorance of the left. This music grabs the audience and carries the dancers along. And Jean-Paul Amouroux loves it!"


Background information «Biographie établie par J.P. Amouroux»



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