Bob Milne

Robert 'Bob' Milne is an American ragtime musician and concert pianist.


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Bob Milne began his musical career not as a pianist, but as a French horn virtuoso. When the performances were over, the symphony musicians would relax and "ham it up" in the local saloon. Because he didn't carry his horn around with him, Bob Milne soon found himself at the piano. It was so much fun that he kept at it, and soon discovered that not only did people love what he was doing, they were paying him for it!


Considered as a "very good specialist of ragtime boogie", he was referred to as a "national treasure" after he was interviewed and documented for future generations by the U.S. Library of Congress in 2004.


Experiments conducted by Penn State neuroscientist Kerstin Bettermann established that Milne has the unusual ability to mentally "play" up to 4 symphonies in his head simultaneously.


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